Client Case Study: Local Reviews and Growing Your Business

Are you leveraging the potential of your current clients?  Did you know that local reviews can help your business get found by more potential leads and customers?  

What are local reviews? 


Local reviews are reviews your customer leaves on your maps listing page, Yelp, or any number of search engines.  Most sites have an opportunity for the number of stars a customer would assign to your business and an area for comments.

How they help your business? 

Customer reviews help your business in two ways.

  1. They help your search engine rankings. The more positive local reviews you have, the higher in rankings search engines will place you – meaning new customers can easily find you.

  2. Local search engines love online reviews because consumers love online reviews. They're in the business of providing people with the most helpful information to help users make decisions around their future purchases.

A One Wheel Success Story

Did you know that One Wheel Marketing offer local SEO services including review acquisition? We've been working with our client Tiffin Man Global Kitchen and love the results they're getting on reviews. 


Tiffin Man Global Kitchen

Acquiring great reviews for Tiffin Man has been simple. He cooks great food and offers great service. His customers do the rest!

Are you ready to start growing your business through reviews? Our One Wheel team is ready to help!