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Minneapolis Reviews Acquisition and Reputation Management

An Exceptional reputation is something we all strive for

However, earning and maintaining that reputation can be difficult

Reputation management holds the potential to have a major impact on a company and its success, however, it is often the most mismanaged aspect of  a company – neglected, or placed at the bottom of the list of priorities. Good reputations are sometimes not appreciated until they are lost. Then begins the hard work of patching broken customer relationships.

Of course, exemplifying the reputation you want to portray is the best way to earn a positive reputation in the minds of your customers. If you don't help your customers put their positive experiences of working with your brand in writing, those feelings only assist that customer and their immediate referrals. 

We offer this solution to make it easy to grow your reputation with reviews from your real customers.

Customer reviews are a powerful aspect of business. With great reviews you have little trouble accomplishing the following:


Build trust with potential customers

Grow your customer base

Increase your page rank on search engines

Improve the morale of your company staff

Building up a positive rapport usually takes considerable time and effort. And when you don't have many reviews, it can only take one negative experience to destroy a company’s reputation, especially if a company is not prepared to handle the negative reviews and comments.

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Yes, it works

Watch the traffic increase as you get reviews.

Minneapolis Review Acquisition and Reputation Management credit: BrightLocal

Wanting positive reviews can make a company desperate. However, do not fabricate reviews, even if your company does not have many reviews or you are trying to counter bad reviews. Writing fake reviews is known as astroturfing and holds the potential to be extremely damaging. Plus, they are unethical and take away from the authenticity of your brand. Eventually the truth can come out about the reviews.

Most customers that do write reviews either felt strongly in either direction: they either had an awesome experience and feel the need for everyone to know, or they had a horrible experience and need to warn the world of the company’s horrors.

We simplify the review process: we ask customers to review, give them guidance and easy instructions, and follow up to remind them to take a moment to write a positive review.

Half the battle is simply getting customers with positive experiences with your company to actually post reviews. Most customers honestly forget, find it inconvenient and therefore not worth their time, and for others, the thought never even crossed their minds.

This is where we come in. We simplify the review process: we ask customers to review, give them guidance and easy instructions, and follow up to remind them to take a moment to write a positive review.

Part of our proactive approach is making a genuine effort to make amends with customers before they leave a negative review or comment. Mistakes happen, and some people get less than our best, therefore we want to make it up to them and get their opinions of where we went wrong.  

All reviews are centralized, connected to one location for your convenience so you don’t have to go fishing for reviews. We can even connect your reviewers to relevant review sites fitting your specific business category.

Only $145/location per month

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