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the One Day Build Game

Ever lie awake at night wondering how it’s possible that One Wheel Marketing can make a smokin’ website in just one day? Thankfully, you can now experience the high stress of a one day build for yourself!



No those aren’t just random awesome stickers, they’re amazing game pieces. As you start to read through the instructions for this game assign your best multitasker to start assembling the pieces for the game. In a baggy you’ll find a set of transparent circular tokens. On half the tokens place a green sticker on one side and a red sticker on the other side; with the other half place a white token on one side and a black sticker on the other.

Then assemble the character pawns, they’re in another baggy. Each character has 2 stickers, one for each side of the pawn.

Game Setup

For 4-6 players

Lay out the game by placing the pieces out like the image below. Find the Page Cards. These are big square shaped cards that kind of look like web pages. Place the Home Page (green card) in the middle of the table. The Home Page functions as the starting point of your game board. Place the other Page Cards off to the side – they will be added in as the game is played.

Place the 2-sided Content and Style tokens and the blue Action Gems in a spot on the table where every player can reach them


We recommend to place the Setback Cards above the Home Page card. These are the cards that say “Setback” in bold letters on the back of the card (See image below). Sort these cards into piles of morning, noon, afternoon, and final crunch. Shuffle each of the sets of Setback Cards and then place them in their respective sorted piles. Just make sure the cards are in a spot that all players can reach, because everyone will have their share of setbacks!

Set-back cards.jpg

Choose Characters

Next, find the Character Cards. These are the ones that look like elongated phones.

With each of the One Wheel Marketing Character Cards, there are corresponding Character Pawns. Each player chooses a Character Card and finds the matching Character Pawn.

Every player then places their CHARACTER CARD in front of themselves. Different characters give different bonuses to the player, as can be seen on each character card. These can also be seen below:

  • Seth, The Boss: Flip a coin. On “heads,” skip the setback phase of your turn. You can also use a spare Content or Style token instead of a coin. Good Content (black “C”) or Cool Style (green side) are heads.

  • Sheela, The Intern: Use any other character’s ability on your turn. You can only choose from characters currently being used in the game by other players, not any of the characters set aside.

  • Graphic Designer: Only costs 2 actions to flip a Style Token.

  • Copywriter Sam: Only costs 2 actions to flip a Content Token.

  • Builder Serenity: If on the same Page as exactly one other player, both players may add or flip tokens.

  • Architect Simon: May move up to 1 Content Token and 1 Style Token for free every turn.

  • Animator Stanlee: Starts every turn with 6 actions instead of only 5.

Setup The HOME Page

Start by Learning the break-down Pages card

  • Header – this is the section at the very top of the Page. It looks like a header would on an actual webpage. Here you’ll find which game set you are playing (Client 1), what Page you are on (Home), and the required Pages to complete the site (Home, About, Blog, and Contact).

  • Hero Image – this is the next section down with the image of characters shooting a man through a flaming hoop. All players place their Character Pawn on this section at the start of the game.

  • Finals – right beneath the Hero Image is the Finals section. This section shows the final amount of Cool Style and Good Content that is needed to complete the Page.

  • Start With – continuing down the Page, this is the section that lists the amount of Cool and Ugly Style and Good and Meh Content this Page starts with. Place the appropriate amount of Cool Style and Good Content tokens on the Finals section above. Then, place the the corresponding Ugly Style and Meh Content tokens on the Work Zone section below.

    Work Zone – lastly is the section labeled “Work Zone.” This is the section for you to place the Ugly Style and Meh Content that is on the Page but not yet Final Style or Final Content.

Nice Job!

That was all the game setup, you rocked it! (positive reinforcement). Now let’s move on to why you did all that.

Goal of the game

One Day Build is a cooperative game where you and your fellow players must work together to build a website before the day ends. This means you’ll have to:

  1. Create enough Pages to fulfill the client’s needs

  2. Work all the Meh Content into enough Final Good Content

  3. Design Ugly Style into the required amount of Final Cool Style

  4. Complete the website before reaching the end of day (before you run out of Setback Cards)!


Every turn consists of the following phases:

  1. Add Action Gems. On each player’s turn, place the corresponding amount of Action Gems on their Character Card on the blue circles with the letter “A” in them. It should be 5 Action Gems unless they are Animator Stanlee who gets 6 Action Gems.

  2. Draw a Setback Card. As it sounds, these are cards that may make the turn a little more difficult for you. You could experience anything from losing an action, to losing a turn, to spending the rest of the game speaking in your best/worst Minnesota accent. Start by drawing from the “Morning” Setback Card pile. Once all the Morning Setback Cards are gone, players move to “Noon,” then to “Afternoon,” and then to “Final Crunch.” When all the Final Crunch Setback Cards are gone, the day is over, and the end of the game has been reached. Read out loud your Setback Cards and follow the instructions on the card.

  3. Take Actions. Here you’ll use your actions represented by the Action Gems on your Character Card to make the magic happen. You can use actions to add, flip, remove, and move Style and Content tokens, change the Page you’re on, and add new Pages. All these options can be found at the bottom of your character card. Turn your Action Gems into the gem pile one at a time as you take your actions.

Action phase options:

  1. Add Page: takes 3 actions. When you add a Page, move your character to that Page. Moving your character in this situation does not require any additional Action Gems. Add the Style and Content tokens designated on the Starts With section of each Page like you did on the Home Page.

  2. Move 1 Page: takes 2 actions. Move your Character Pawn to a different Page of your choice.

  3. Flip Token: takes 3 actions - Flip an Ugly Style over into a Cool Style token or Flip a Meh Content into a Good Content. Players cannot flip Style or Content Tokens if they are on the same Page as another player.

  4. Add Token: takes 2 actions. Add one Meh Content or Ugly Style to the Work Zone of the Page your Character Pawn is on. Players cannot add Style or Content Tokens if they are on the same Page as another player.

  5. Move Token: takes 1 action - move any token from anywhere on one Page to another Page. You don’t have to be on either of the Pages to move a token. Don’t flip the token either way when moving it.

  6. Remove Token: takes 1 action. Completely remove any token from the Work Zone or Finals section of the Page your Character Pawn is on.

You don’t have to use all your Action Gems each turn. You can store up to 4 Action Gems on your Character on the open blue circles to be used on a later turn. If you have more than 4 Action Gems when you are done taking actions, you must discard any additional Action Gems into the gem pile.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 09.38.53.png

Time to start!

The player with the coolest shoes or socks goes first. In the case of a tie in coolness, the player went sledding most recently will take the first turn.

The first action taken by the first player must be to add any new Page for 3 Action Gems and move to that Page. After the first person completes their turn, play continues clockwise.

End of the game

The game will end in 1 of 2 ways: you all win, or you’re all losers.

If you build enough Pages and meet the necessary Final Cool Content and Good Style token requirements before the “Final Crunch” Setback cards are gone, then you win! Congrats on a job well done team.

However, if the setback cards run out and y’all are still scrambling to meet the requirements you have lost and should cancel your plans for later in the day so you can play again and show that website who’s boss.