Before and After 1-Day Website Build for New and Used Office Furnishing Business

A Newly Arranged Website for An Office Furnishing Business

Office Environment Brokers focuses on selecting the highest quality of used office furniture and turning any office space into a office paradise. We should know, they fully furnished our office space! Their focus on quality sets them apart from the rest. They don't just take any old furniture, it has to be the right brands and in the right shape. They provide a great opportunity to create a fantastic looking office space without breaking the bank.





What We Did:

  • We touched up the logo, giving it a mini refresh

  • Designed a favicon to match the logo

  • Created lots of copy - this now 100 page site originally had only 3 pages

  • Each office is unique, so they needed a form to match - we created a custom form to get only the most pertinent information from customers

  • Added over 50 product pages

  • Selected photos of furniture they offer in layouts they are capable of designing

The Result:

We took a 3 page site and turned it into a mobile-friendly 100 page site all in one day.