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Before and After Training Wheel Website for Construction Company

A newly built website for a home building company

Xtra Mile Construction is a construction company out of Elk River. It is their goal to go the extra mile when it comes to their clients' dream homes. They aim to come alongside their clients through every step of the design process to ensure their home is their own private paradise. They needed a mobile-friendly website to match their level of professionalism. 





What We Did:

  • Came alongside them every step of the website design process
  • Guided them in laying out the website
  • Selected fonts and colors in alignment with their branding
  • Aided them in creating content, optimizing for SEO keywords

The Result:

An updated website that is professional and mobile friendly, that we helped them build themselves.

Training Wheels Website for StrengthsFinder Coach

A Strong website for StrengthsFinder Coaching

Play to Your Strengths is a non-profit that focuses on teaching students, businesses, and individuals to thrive in their surroundings based on their StrengthsFinder results. They needed a website that is informative and looks great, and wanted to learn how to build it themselves using best practices.





What We Did:

  • Coached them as they built their website, every step of the way

  • Researched keywords, incorporating them into existing content, and aiding in creating original content

  • Offered guidance in overall organization and layout of website based upon UX and website best practices

  • Selected fonts and colors in alignment with their branding

  • Worked with them to find stock photos that don't look like stock photography (no tacky photos!)

The Result:

A mobile-friendly website that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing that they were able to take ownership of from the beginning

How to talk to a real person at Google about your Google Maps/Google My Business Page

How to email or get on the phone with Google's GMB support made simple!

The new version of has some helpful additions! However, when it comes to getting in touch with a real person for help with duplicate locations, for instance, it can be tricky.

Here's the video to help you find the right spot to get right through to a real person. The extra good news is that Google's GMB staff are responsive and knowledgable! 



1-Day Website Build for Construction Industry Inventor

Building up a site about building walls

Pro Products Manufacturing created the Eliminator Track and ST Clip which are the easier and faster method to building soundproof and commercial walls. Their previous website was old and outdated, and required the user to dig through mountains of content to find the information they needed. Pro Products needed a modern site that is both user-friendly and informative. 





What We Did:

  • Found a location for the wall-building photo shoot
  • Touched up the logo, creating color varieties, and created a favicon to match
  • Incorporated existing content with original content, optimizing all content for SEO keywords
  • Designed a clean layout, allowing increased usability 
  • Added a case study and product details blog

The Result:

A mobile-first website that is both informative and user-friendly.

Google Maps Virtual Tour For Plymouth Spa Company


Hot Spring Spas of Plymouth sells and services new and used spas, saunas, backyard furniture, and really anything you could need for your backyard dreams. They have been in business for over 45 years, and are sure to get you the best spa for your needs.

Check out their virtual tour, taking an adventure through all of your potential backyard setups.

Before and After 1-Day Website Build for Virtual Conference Hybrid Events Streaming and Recording

Quality Website Design for a Web Streaming Business

Hybrid Events Authority works with associations providing solutions for their virtual conference live streaming and recording. They needed a website with clear and concise content, describing their business, its benefits, and how it works. 





What We Did:

  • Selected a clean layout
  • Conducted minor touch ups to the logo and favicon
  • Selected fonts and colors in alignment with HEA's branding
  • Created original copy, optimizing for SEO
  • Incorporated original photography
  • Expanded blog to include case studies
  • Edited videos and incorporated them into the website

The Result:

A mobile friendly website detailing the nature of their business and their qualifications, and builds credibility.

Make these changes to your email marketing by Friday, May 25 to avoid facing over 20 million dollars in fines from the EU

Leveraging the power of email marketing in your small business can create connection points with business leads, generate more income, and help you grow your business. 

However, did you know that there are new regulations passed by the European Union that will affect the way you do business when it comes to email marketing?

With the compliance deadline of May 25 approaching, we've put together the cliff notes version of what you need to know about the GDPR regulations. 

What is the GDPR? 

GDPR stands for “The General Data Protection Regulation” which is a privacy law designed to protect European Union residents. Despite the fact that it's an EU law,  all small businesses that leverage email marketing need to pay attention. 

These new regulations apply to the processing of personal data including name, email address, physical address and IP address. In short, anytime you receive data or could receive data from someone located in the EU, you must comply with these regulations.

How do the GDPR regulations affect U.S. based businesses? 

The GDPR regs affects any business that offers products or services online where someone located in the EU could access and subscribe. This will include newsletters, lead magnets or free resources in exchange for email addresses

The practical lowdown for your business

For those subscribers in the EU, you can no longer assume that if they give you an email address in exchange for a coupon or free download, that they are subscribed to your marketing email list. You must obtain a second confirmation explaining what they will receive from you as part of your marketing email list and confirm they want to opt-in. 

What should you do if you use email marketing? 

First, find out if you have any subscribers from outside the U.S. Then, segment your list. Most email marketing providers will have a segmenting option.

For Mail Chimp, you can follow these directions to segment:

  • Click on your list
  • Click create segment
  • Edit drop down criteria and change to "location"
  • Add further filters with "not in country" and "USA"
  • Preview segment

This will tell you which subscribers are using an IP address outside of the U.S.

Legal experts are recommending that you segment into U.S. and non-U.S. subscribers. Anyone unknown or outside the U.S. should be considered EU until you know otherwise. If you have no EU subscribers, you will not need to comply.  Otherwise, you will need to comply with the regulations.

Next steps for GDPR compliance

There are three areas that will help you become compliant. 

1) Update your current email list

You must retain documentation that your current subscribers outside of the U.S. have confirmed they wish to receive marketing emails from you.  The simplest way to do this: 

  • Create an email campaign to your non-US segment
  • Communicate the benefits of being subscribed to your marketing list/newsletter
  • Direct them to an online form that give them checkbox to complete to receive marketing emails (mailchimp has added GDPR settings to their forms which you can use for this purpose). 
  • If they do not confirm by May 25th, you must delete them or be in non-compliance.  

2) Change the flow for your future subscribers

You must also make changes for your future subscribers. 

Subscribe to My newsletter Opt-In


If you have a direct subscribe to my newsletter form asking for emails, you are already in compliance with the GDPR. You can leave your opt-in form as is. 

Download my free resource or coupon Opt-In


If you are asking for an email in exchange for a free download, coupon code, or contest entry, you will need to ask for a secondary confirmation that subscribers also want to receive marketing emails for those outside of the U.S. This can be accomplished with an automated welcome email to your non-U.S. segment and a link directing them to a confirmation form explaining what they'll receive. 

3) Add a privacy policy

In addition to your opt-in forms, there are a couple of items you will need to change on your website. 

For starters, you will need to add a privacy policy with a link in your footer. Your privacy policy must include the following:

  • The relevant contact information
  • What information you collect and the basis for collecting it
  • What you do with the data (including who else gets access)
  • The visitors rights under the GDPR

In addition, you will need to add a link to your privacy policy page on each newsletter or opt-in form. 

Getting started

If it feels overwhelming, it is!  One Wheel Marketing is here to help you ensure compliance going forward.  

Before and After 1-Day Website Build for Minneapolis Law Office

An incredible site for a credible lawyer

Morphew Law is a Minneapolis law office focusing on real estate, eminent domain, and relocation law. They needed a website that displayed their qualifications, was informative to potential clients, and built trust all while maintaining a high level of professionalism.





What We Did:

The Result:

A user-friendly, fully responsive website that builds trust and proves Morphew's credibility.

Google Maps Virtual Tour for Minneapolis Vintage Upholstering Business

Miller Upholstering is local Minneapolis business that takes old furniture and reupholsters them in the traditional fashion. With an eye for detail, your beloved family heirloom or lucky furniture find will quickly become the conversation piece in any room. 

Her tour involves the outside of her shop and her quaint storefront, showcasing some of her recent work.

Google Maps Virtual Tour for Minneapolis Video Production Company

1 Light Films is a video production company functioning out of the Waterbury Building in Northeast Minneapolis. 1 Light does both in studio and onsite production, and will take your video from an idea to full a blown, beautifully created reality. 

This tour takes you from outside the building, down the hall, bringing you to 1 Light's small, collaborative studio. 

Google Maps Virtual Tour for Twin Cities AV Rental Business

AV For You is a Minneapolis based audio/visual rental company serving the Greater Twin Cities area. Whether it is a small or large scale event, AV For You has the equipment to get the job done right. Stop on in for your AV equipment and a warm welcome from the office dog, Hank.

This tour features the uniquely shaped exterior of the building, and brings you through to the lobby. Keep an eye out for the NHL arcade game on the counter!

Before and After 1-Day Website Build for New and Used Office Furnishing Business

A Newly Arranged Website for An Office Furnishing Business

Office Environment Brokers focus on selecting the highest quality of used office furniture and turning any office space into a office paradise. We should know, they fully furnished our office space! They're focus on quality sets them apart from the rest. They don't just take any old furniture, it has to be the right brands and in the right shape. They provide a great opportunity to create a fantastic looking office space without breaking the bank.





What We Did:

  • We touched up the logo, giving it a mini refresh
  • Designed a favicon to match the logo
  • Created lots of copy - this now 100 page site originally had only 3 pages
  • Each office is unique, so they needed a form to match - we created a custom form to get only the most pertinent information from customers
  • Added over 50 product pages
  • Selected photos of furniture they offer in layouts they are capable of designing

The Result:

We took a 3 page site and turned it into a mobile-friendly 100 page site all in one day.

Client Case Study: Local Reviews and Growing Your Business

Are you leveraging the potential of your current clients?  Did you know that local reviews can help your business get found by more potential leads and customers?  

What are local reviews? 


Local reviews are reviews your customer leaves on your maps listing page, yelp or any number of search engines.  Most sites have an opportunity for the number of stars a customer would assign to your business and an area for comments.

How they help your business? 

Customer reviews help your business in two ways.

  1. They help your search engine rankings. The more positive local reviews you have, the higher in rankings search engines will place you – meaning new customers can more easily find you.

  2. Local search engines love online reviews because consumers love online reviews. They're in the business of providing people with the most helpful information to help users make decisions around their future purchases.

A One Wheel Success Story

Did you know that One Wheel Marketing offer local SEO services including review acquisition? We've been working with our client Tiffin Man Global Kitchen and love the results they're getting on reviews. 


Tiffin Man Global Kitchen

Acquiring great reviews for Tiffin Man has been simple. He cooks great food and offers great service. His customers do the rest!

Are you ready to start growing your business through reviews? Our One Wheel team is ready to help! 



Before and After 1-Day Build for Ministry Coach, Trainer, and Assessor

A Flourishing website for a coach aimed at flourishing your ministry.

Fit&Flourish is all about training leaders and ministries to be the most effective they can be. Author Tim Roehl help ministries and ministry leaders to know "this is where I belong" and "this is what I'm made for." This includes assessing ministries, training and coaching both individuals and teams. 





What We Did:

  • Created a new logo and favicon 
  • Selected fonts and colors in alignment with their branding
  • Incorporated original photography
  • Optimized existing content and created new content
  • Made a store for book orders
  • Designed a clean layout that is easy for users to follow
  • Had an awesome time hosting Fit&Flourish for their website build day!

The Result:

A mobile-friendly website, aiming to help their ministry flourish!

Client Case Study: Creating Your Local Marketing Strategy with One Wheel Marketing in Minneapolis

Imagine the power of partnering with a local digital marketing team to help you reach more potential customers and turn those customers into raving fans. Here at Minneapolis-based One Wheel Marketing, our team of marketing experts helps you put together a marketing strategy that grows your business. 

A One Wheel Case Study

We like to brag on our customers around here and one of our long-time customers is experiencing incredible growth through our marketing services. 

marketing-strategy-minneapolis-small business.jpg

Meet Twin City Heating and Air

Twin City Heating and Air based in Coon Rapids, MN has been a valued client since we built their website for them in November of 2017.  At the time, they were looking to create a new website that would help them connect with new customers and build their business. 

Our Approach

We started with a mobile responsive website that would help them clarify their marketing message and reach more customers on the web. 





Optimizing Local SEO

Once the website was complete, we got to work optimizing their local and organic search. We established their Google maps listing, assisted in review acquisition, and optimized their website for organic search.

The Results

In the last year, they’ve experienced 80% growth and have added 10 new technicians to their staff

The results for Twin City Heating and Air speak for themselves. In the last year, they've experienced 80% growth and have added 10 new technicians to their staff. 

In addition to the bottom line numbers, they have reported these positive benefits: 

  • 75% of their new leads are coming through their Google My Business page
  • Most of those who are calling say that positive reviews are a motivator to call
  • The content marketing assistance and frequent blogging has helped more new customers find them on the web.

Continuing Marketing Plans

Here at One Wheel Marketing, we love seeing these results for all of our clients. We know that Twin City Heating and Air is just getting started as we continue to work on local and organic SEO - helping them become visible to more potential clients in 2018. 

Ready to start maximizing your marketing strategy with the One Wheel Team? We're here to help.