Minneapolis Squarespace website Design

It’s 2019, folks


Which means we’ve been making sites for over 20 years

We’ve learned how to avoid setbacks and slowdowns. More importantly, we’ve learned how to build sites that get results.

Discover our proprietary process to help you get found faster with a new mobile-first, photography-rich website designed and launched with you and our team of experts.

Keep reading to discover why faster is better, and why being results-oriented from the beginning gives you a tactical advantage.

Give Your website a 1-Day Extreme Makeover

Stop putting up with your ugly, hard to update, or mobile-just-bad design, and instantly transform your website with our 1-day website build.

Bring us your best ideas for a website redesign and we assemble our best experts to create the website of your dreams. If you’re ready to give your website an extreme makeover, our team is ready to get to work.

Why choose a 1-day website build?


Traditional web design can take months. Stop spinning your wheels with endless design meetings and revisions.


We start with a professional photo shoot included in every 1-day build, to capture your product or service in action. We personalize your website using your images, story, and sales process – to help tell your unique story and grow your business.


After your photo shoot, we get to work. Our team of specialists can efficiently build your site for a compelling design that will give you a website jump start for better search results and an experience your website visitors will love.

Our team of experts will start building your pro-level design website first thing in the morning and deliver a brand new site by the time you eat dinner. Then, you get the keys and 50 training videos to keep your site up-to-date. It's that simple!

No, quality isn’t compromised. Yes, expect a thorough onboarding and planning process.


Meet the team

Introducing your 1-Day website super squad


Your Detective will ask questions to discover the goals of your website users and how they interface with your business goals. They will sleuth out your processes and personality to make sure your website does a good job representing your business and being useful to your visitors.


Professional photography is included with your website. Great photos help tell your story and inspire your website visitors. Our team includes some of the best photographers in the area to show your product or service in action. These images are a lasting value for your website pages, SEO and social media posts. 


It takes a mix of art and science to blend your story, value proposition and core benefits into a easily understood sales story for a great user experience (UX). We restructure content to make sure your site has great curb appeal and anticipates the desires of users in each detail.


Our designer assures that your website is brand elevating by making important design decisions, like fonts and colors, and developing rock-solid CSS. Then, implements your design to all mobile and desktop-viewable areas of the site.


Our builder puts all the building blocks of your website together. Transferring content, building forms, adding pictures and making sure everything works the way it should on your overall website design, including the look of each page. 


Once we gain a feel for your business and your brand, our writer gets to work. Our team will combine your vision with great web writing to share your story and grow your business. 


Our pros make it fast and easy

Here at Minneapolis-based One Wheel Marketing, we know you need a mobile-first website to market your business and spread the word about the great things you do.

Add additional 1-Day Options

Store Builder

Our e-commerce experts can build your store from start to finish. Get your integrated Shopify store built with all the features you need, or use Squarespace's powerful e-commerce suite.

Video Producer

Our video producer will come to your business and record a morning interview - getting some clips of your product or location. Then, in the afternoon, your video will be edited and the final film will be uploaded for a high-impact introduction to your business or organization for your home page.

Logo Designer

Get your logo in a three-feedback-loop design process that gets you to a web and print-ready final version logo in one day.


Grab your visitors' attention with something they've never seen before. Animation is great for explaining processes, giving a memorable experience, or just upping your cool factor. Add our animator to your 1-day build and get an eye-catching result that works across all screen sizes.

Get the fast pass to your website launch

Our 1-Day Website service is the perfect fit for most startups and small businesses with 50 pages or less. Our efficient collaborative build gives you a jump start on connecting with your desired audience.


Rome wasn't built in a day, but these dope websites were:

Assemble your best ideas

What we need from you before your one day website design

Give us your ideas and we'll get rolling. You can get started on your one day website design by completing our intake form and sending all known changes to your site. On design day, make sure you're available to quickly answer questions, give feedback and be a part of the launch process.


Why We Design on Squarespace


If you want to learn more about our unique 1-Day Website design process, we'd love to answer your questions and make all of your wildest dreams come true:


Minneapolis responsive website design and Mobile Marketing

Maintenance-free websites that get results


1 year requirement



  • If you have more than 30 pages (not including blog), add 3 CR for each 10 pages

    *Photography is scheduled up to 30 days after onboarding homework is complete, and website build day is scheduled up to 30 days after photography is complete. To meet the above schedule, complete onboarding homework within 10 business days after receiving it.