Before and After 1-Day Website Build for Maple Grove Office Cleaner

A Clean, Professional Site for a Cleaning Professional

MAS Office Cleaners is a cleaning company specifically for professional offices in need of quality Maple Grove office cleaners with high levels of confidentiality because of proximity to sensitive information. The owner, Mark Skipper, needed a professional website demonstrating his excellent work and level of confidentiality.





What We Did:

  • Upgraded to professional fonts

  • Cleaned up the logo and created a favicon

  • Selected colors in alignment with company branding

  • Emphasized Mark's story and capabilities, not merely the cleaning products and services

  • Optimized existing content for SEO, and created some original content

  • Integrated photos of real customer interactions

  • Focused on customer action – scheduling a consultation

  • Highlighted Skipper's awards and accomplishments and community involvement as a company and as an individual

The Result:

A mobile-friendly website catering to professional offices, emphasizing Mark's story and displaying his quality of work and professionalism.