Post directly to Google My Business

Well, Google is at it again, giving us a new opportunity to get your business noticed and boost your rankings.

minnespolis-google posts.jpg

Google has just introduced the ability to post directly to your Google Maps listing. Meaning Facebook and blog posts no longer are your only places to post events and new and exciting things happening for your business. You can now post events, product promotions and special sales directly to Google Maps. 

This is awesome if you have announcements for your business, special events coming up, new product releases, or sales.

What you need for a post:

  • Type of post (event, offer, etc.)

  • Photos that make your business look awesome (higher resolution, in focus, representing your post and brand)

  • Title (if it's an event)

  • Details about the post

  • A strategic call to action

What's the value of posting on Google if you're already posting on Facebook, sending out emails, sharing exciting news through blog posts?

The general rule for Google My Business is, if Google makes a spot for it, take advantage of it. Google is all about showing off and making itself look good. If you make Google look good, Google will make you look good.

Early adopters, let us know what kind of results you experience!