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Minneapolis content marketing for SEO

What is content marketing? 

And why is it mandatory for great SEO?

Prove to Google you're the expert

Increase your number of landing pages

Get valuable backlinks and email addresses


Ride the marketing wave of the future

While traditional methods of marketing like direct mail and paid advertising are still useful, businesses of all sizes are finding that people are looking for a relationship based on value and trust.


What is The secret to growing a website's reach and effectiveness?

Market your business by creating helpful resources to improve your SEO, build trust and demonstrate value to your potential customers.

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Earn trust

Prove value

Great content marketing includes creating content like blog posts or articles, e-books, and videos that provide information that your not-yet customer will find helpful. Consistent content will help you build trust and become a go-to source of information in your industry or local area. When you build trust by providing useful content, your soon-to-be client knows exactly who the expert is when they have a need.   

Improve your SEO one new word at a time

Search engines measure expertise just like you or I would: 

An expert demonstrates value and communicates about the problems they solve

An expert evangelizes their unique approach and processes

An expert creates how-to videos to show the benefits of their expertise

In addition to building trust with your future customer, content marketing will improve your SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to getting your website found on the internet.

You can improve your SEO through a combination of targeting keywords, local maps marketing, and providing consistent and relevant content throughout your website. Google rewards those businesses that demonstrate their expertise through new and original content. 

our content marketing plan

How we help clients develop a content strategy that works

Are you ready to jump on the content marketing unicycle? One Wheel Marketing is here to help with our streamlined strategic plan to take you from no content to a content machine that generates leads, reaches more clients, and builds your business. With our step-by-step process, we coach you through blog posts (from ideas to publishing), targeting your keywords for SEO, establishing a digital marketing funnel to generate new leads, and optimizing your content for the best results. 


Content Calendar 

Here at One Wheel, our goal is to make sure you understand your next step when it comes to growing your content calendar. Our first step is to meet with you and gain a better understanding of your ideal customer's pain point, document your best keywords for SEO, and blog templates to get you started on creating content that helps you build trust and develop leads. 


Blog Templates

Once we've developed your content calendar, One Wheel works with you by providing blog templates to get you started. Our blog templates give you blog ideas and formats to get you writing and posting. Your consistent content will provide helpful resources and keep your future customers coming back for more. 

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Marketing Funnel

Once you've gotten a few months of content under your belt, we partner with you on getting even more strategic when it comes to your content. Your next step is building your e-mail list. E-mail lists are the foundation of content marketing and help you target your leads with new and exciting offers. Our marketing funnel step will help you develop lead magnets to capture your leads' e-mails, as well as developing a strategy for helping your new customers take the next step in engaging with your business. 


Search Engine Optimization

Throughout the process, One Wheel Marketing partners with you when it comes to your SEO. From researching and documenting your keywords to the strategies that help you get found, we help you focus your content with words that matter. We pride ourselves on our transparency with monthly reporting and simple strategies that help you understand how SEO works.  

content marketing packages

Are you ready to be king of your content?

Creating content has never been easier

One Wheel Marketing offers content marketing packages for the busy business owner. They say "Content is king", but what would it look like for you to be the king of your content? When it comes to blogging regularly or creating content that will increase traffic and engage your future customers, you need a plan. The problem: when do you have time to create this plan and execute on it? From providing quality service to your clients to scheduling sales meetings, the average business has no time to create blogs and other content to help extend their reach. 

That's where we come in. Our content marketing packages include content coaching where you do the writing and content creating and we do the coaching by editing your blog posts and helping you develop a strategy. Not a DIY-er when it comes to blogging? We can research and write your blog posts for you. Choose the package that works best for you and become the king of your content.  

Content Marketing Options

We know you want content marketing options when it comes to building and executing on your plan. Here at One Wheel Marketing, we partner with you by offering two distinct options to help you jump on the content marketing bandwagon. We've got you covered whether you would prefer to do-it-yourself with some coaching or a full-service done for you approach. 

Coaching Package

You're all in. You know that content marketing is the wave of the future. You're ready to start blogging and have an on-site team who is excited about writing about your business. The only problem: you don't know where to start. One Wheel Marketing is ready to walk with you through this whole content marketing adventure. Our coaching package will help you identify your content marketing strategy with a content calendar, keywords, article ideas, blog editing and more. You do the writing. We do the editing. Together we develop a strategy that works for you. 

Full-Service Package

Content creation is a great idea, but there's not enought time in your day to actually create content and post blogs. No problem - One Wheel has your back. Our team of marketing and copywriting specialists can develop a plan and write blogs for you. From one a month to one a week, we will research your field of expertise, create blogs that meet your future clients' needs, and help you become the king of your content. 

When it comes to improving your mobile SEO the answer is simple

Take the next step today with your web marketing growth cycle:

 Minneapolis Local Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing Cycle | $125/mo

Rank higher on Google Maps

Improve your SEO with local maps marketing for Siri, Bing, Yelp and Google with including review acquisition and local directory optimization get found by more local customers.

 Minneapolis Local SEO

Mobile-First Search Engine Optimization Cycle | $250/mo

You create the content; we optimize it 

In addition to Google Maps Marketing, we review your current content for SEO. Our service includes researching & documenting the best keywords for your business and an SEO sweep to ensure that your keywords are on the right places on each web page.

 Minneapolis Content Marketing

Content Marketing Coaching Cycle | $375/mo

We coach you on how to create content as part of a content marketing plan; We optimize it for SEO

In addition to the above, we'll help you create a content calendar you can follow to carry out a cohesive content marketing plan.

Full-Service SEO Content Marketing + Copywriting Cycle | $950/mo

We write 4 optimized Content pieces each month for you

In addition to Google Maps Marketing and Mobile-First Optimization, our crack team of digital marketing experts will develop fresh and relevant content by writing blogs and articles for you, grow your email list, and distribute to social media. This option is guaranteed to grow the impact of your website.

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