Before and After Responsive Website for Woodland Shores Church in Michigan

Before and After Website Design for Michigan Church

A Friendly Church needs a Friendly Website

Serving the Southwest Michigan area for over 40 years, Woodland Shores Baptist Church is located in Bridgman, MI. They came to us to give their website a new, friendly look to match their goal to be the friendliest church in Michigan.


  • A new responsive church website: Part of the friendliness of a website lies in how well it appears on different devices. The original site was not responsive, meaning that users accessing the site from a mobile device had a more frustrating experience than users on a desktop computer. A responsive site would ensure that users accessing the site from any device would have a similar pleasant interaction with the church's website.

  • An updated design: A responsive site is one way to improve friendliness, but a new look and feel also helps. The church was looking for a new identity, including colors, logo, typography, and layout.





What We Did:

  • Built a responsive website: We worked with the client to gather and organize content. The layout and information architectural system were revised to be as friendly as possible for new and returning visitors. We built the responsive website in the Squarespace platform to ensure a consistent experience across devices.

  • Created a new design: We launched a new site with a brand new look. The overall look and feel of the site was designed to be more friendly, open and welcoming. All elements come together and present a unified whole.

Not only did we provide an improved look and feel to the website, we built a site that was viewable on any device.