1M views on Google, WooHoo!

Minneapolis GMB Virtual Tours

A One Wheel Milestone

Screenshot 2019-01-16 12.51.04.png

We have reached 1 million views for our Google Maps Virtual Tours!

What Even is a Virtual Tour?

You get to take your potential customers on an adventure through your physical business location without them having to be there.

A GMB Virtual Tour is a series of 360 degree photos linked together to create a path through your business. The photos are then uploaded to your Google My Business listing. Think Google Street View but for the inside of your facility.

Why Should I Get One?

We all strive to appease the almighty Google. Google likes to show off. Therefore, if you make Google look good by optimizing as much of your GMB listing as possible, Google will make you look good – and who doesn’t want a boost on their search results page!

In a more practical sense, it can be nice for your potential customers to know what they are getting into before they should up to your building. I personally have used virtual tours to scope out a coffee shop to see if it had enough outlets.