Animated video communicate to win

About a year ago WIRED’s Youtube channel began producing videos where an expert would break down a concept to be explained on 5 different levels, child to expert. These videos are interesting because everyone, no matter how great a speaker you are, can struggle to explain processes and concepts to others. Animated videos may be one of the easiest and most effective tools out there for communicating.

It’s billions of percent easier to understand something when you see it visually rather than hearing someone explain it to you. This is why you may have noticed more animated explainer videos out on the web today.

In fact, even doctors use animated videos in their work, hiring animators to create videos that walk through medical surgeries and procedures that can show things a live demonstration can’t.

That's what really sets animation apart as the ultimate communication tool; not only can you show your viewer the concept visually, but you can do things you couldn’t do in real life- see the inside of a rusted out pipe as a sprinkler goes off, simulate crashes and failed systems or show your product’s use in various forms.

What our video animation process?


Script Editing

We ensure your animated video helps you accomplish your goal. We’ll edit the script of the video for time, story, coordination with visuals, and user conversion which helps you market your product or service and grow your business.


Audio Recording

Audio recording can be by someone on your team, or we can coordinate the talent that has the right voice for your project.



Our designer and animator create rough sketches of the key frames of your animation. Then, they lay out the sketches with draft timing to the script. This storyboard is used to create the shot list for needed artwork.



Final illustrations and artwork are created for the animation. For longer animations, illustrations may be put into a sequence with the audio called animatic.



After artwork is finalized, everything moves to the animator. The animator handles transitions, movements, text effects, and “tweening” - the movements within illustrations.


We’ll partner with you to review the final animations using our review tools which allows you to pause the video, and place a comment at any place on the screen. After your approval, final renders are delivered for publishing.

Video animation can be a great tool to up level your graphics and communicate your brand. Here at One Wheel Marketing, our graphic designer and animator are standing by ready to bring your idea to life.

Danielle AllenComment