Why Google's new image search restrictions are great news for local SEO image-based campaigns

Improving your website's search engine optimization (SEO) has never been easier.  Recently, Google announced some changes to their image search that will help you improve your SEO image based pages and campaigns. 


What Google changed

Google has removed the view image button on all image searches. Previously, users could search for an image and click on the view image button for instant access to the image and download to their own computer. Removing the view image button has made this process more cumbersome on the searcher and requires them to first visit the website that owns the image before downloading. 

What's behind the change

Google made this decision after Getty Images filed antitrust charges against them in the EU. Content curation sites like Getty have viewed the easy view and access of images as a promotion of image piracy. Both companies have reached a settlement and recently announced a new partnership. As part of their partnership, Getty withdrew their charges and Google has agreed to remove the view image button on image search. 


Why it's great news for your local SEO

The change means good news for website owners, especially those who use images as part of their SEO strategy. Google searchers who search for an image found on your website will now need to visit your site to view the image and get more info. The bottom line is more eyes on your website, increased website traffic, and more potential customers learning about the wonderful things you do. 

Ready for some SEO juice? 

The secret, of course, is to make sure you are using images and tagging your keywords in the image names. Not sure if your website has the secret sauce to benefit from this change? One Wheel Marketing is here to help! We specialize in helping businesses like yours optimize their website's SEO.