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mobile-first seo minneapolis, mn

What is SEO? 

The Mobile-First SEO difference for your business

One Wheel Marketing provides mobile-first SEO packages for your business. What is SEO?  SEO stands for search engine optimization and is basically how your not-yet customers find you through searches on their favorite search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Businesses that focus on SEO have a bigger potential to get found, generate qualified leads, and build their businesses organically. Here at One Wheel, we use a three-step strategy to help our clients see results when it comes to SEO


Google Maps Marketing

Google maps marketing and reputation management are the first steps in improving your local SEO. We partner with you to add your business to search engine directories and secure reviews from your current clients. When you add these things together, it equals better search results when potential clients look for a business like yours. 


Keyword Research

One of the secrets to SEO is using the words on your website that people use to search for a business like yours. Our experts at One Wheel Marketing start with basic keyword research specific to your business. 


Website Review

Once we have an idea of the best keywords to use, we get to work ensuring your website is optimized with those keywords. Our team reviews the words and images used on your website ensuring all are optimized for the best SEO results. 

Minneapolis, MN google amp

Getting Amped for Google AMP  

Google AMP results are now available for your SquareSpace blog posts! Trust us, it’s a beautiful thing.

What is Google Amp? 

It is no secret that Google is making the switch to mobile first and you should too. In today's market, the majority of searches are done via smartphone. Google, knowing this fun fact, is switching value from Mobile-friendly, to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP works wonders for readability. It strips a site or blog post down to a lightweight form, making it 4 times faster and using 10 times less data to load a page on mobile than a non-AMP page or blog post ( AMP is meant purely for speed and readability. Think about your own mobile searches. Have you ever given up on an article because it took too long to load? Your readers are important, and you want to do everything you can to maintain their attention.

Will Google AMP affect SEO? 

Not only does AMP load faster on mobile, but AMP results show up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), as indicated by the AMP label and the lightening bolt symbol, under the heading “Top Stories” in a carousel format. Closer to the top means increased visibility for your blog posts.

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While Google has stated AMP does not affect your rankings, many AMP publishers have experienced the positive affects of it.

Fun AMP Facts

Here are some Stats and Facts after AMP’s first year of use according to

  • “23-percent increase in mobile search users who return within seven days.”

  • “25-percent increase in click-through rates from search results”

  • “Mobile users who start with an AMP article spend 10 percent more time than those who land on regular mobile pages.”

  • “80 percent+ of AMP publishers realized higher viewability rates”

  • “90 percent of AMP publishers drove greater engagement with higher CTRs.”


AMP does not directly affect your page rankings, but there are definitely some perks to an AMP blog post. We are here to help you capitalize on these benefits by transitioning your blogs so they open as AMPs on mobile. Don’t worry, it will not alter the format of your blog posts on desktop and you don’t need to change how you go about posting, it merely changes how a post is opened on mobile. Pretty cool, right?



SEO Transparency

Our commitment to you

SEO can be a confusing business.  From keywords to what kind of strategies work, SEO can be a challenge to understand. That's why we provide transparency when it comes to the SEO work we do for your business. Our goal is to partner with you and explain what we do to improve your SEO in plain language. We know that SEO can be an understandable part of your marketing plan which is why we want you to understand our plan of attack before we even lift a finger. 

Monthly Reporting

Included with knowing what we're doing to your site before we do it, we provide a monthly report detailing how we spend out time each month in improving your SEO results. From SEO sweeps to researching new content ideas, you will know exactly what we do and what is working with our transparent reporting. 


When it comes to improving your mobile SEO the answer is simple:

Take the next step today with one of our content marketing packages. 

 Minneapolis Local Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing Cycle | $125/mo

Rank higher on Google Maps

Improve your SEO with local maps marketing for Siri, Bing, Yelp and Google including review acquisition and local directory optimization to get found by more local customers.

 Minneapolis Local SEO

Mobile-First Search Engine Optimization Cycle | $250/mo

You create the content; we optimize it 

In addition to Google Maps Marketing, we review your current content for SEO. Our service includes researching & documenting the best keywords for your business and an SEO sweep to ensure that your keywords are on the right places on each web page.

 Minneapolis Content Marketing

Content Marketing Consulting Cycle | $375/mo

You create the content; we optimize it 

We'll help you create a content calendar and ensure you are using the keywords that your future client is looking for and they are on the right places on each web page.

SEO Content Marketing + Copywriting | $750/mo

We write 4 optimized articles each month for you

In addition to Google Maps Marketing and Mobile-First Optimization, our crack team of digital marketing experts will develop fresh and relevant content by writing blogs and articles for you, grow your email list, and distribute to social media.