5 Signs it may be Time for you to Redesign your Logo

Your logo is one of your strongest marketing tools and helps your customers identify with your business. Redesigning your logo is a big step in your marketing strategy. So, how do you know when it's time for a redesign? We have 5 signs that may help. 

1. Life span of your logo

Logos can become dated. If it's been a while since you've had a redesign evaluation, then it might be time. There is no perfect time to consider a new logo.  For instance, Coke typically does a logo refresh every year on one or more of their products, while Google typically redesigns every 5 years. Consider looking at redesigning to revitalize your older or original logo. 


2. Trends in the marketplace


Logo trends change over time. For instance, in the 90's the swoosh movement was quite popular. Today, we're seeing more geometric shapes and simple crests. Modernizing your logo will help you reach younger audience while keeping your current customers who love your brand.

3. Versatility for various platforms

Today's marketing strategies include mobile responsive websites, social media, and other mediums to build brand awareness. The more complex your logo, the less compatible your logo will be on social media and mobile. If your logo doesn't translate well on mobile, a website, or social media, then it may be time to redesign. 

4. Expanding your business

Company changes are a great opportunity for logo redesign. Your customers associate your logo with doing business with you. If your company's structure or services are transforming, it may be best to pair these changes with a new logo to connect your new services with a whole new look. 

5. Evolving brand values

Your logo should mean something for your brand. Businesses that designed a logo when they first started may have a logo that doesn't match their current values and mission. Your logo should reflect the changes that have occurred in your business over time. Consider redesigning when your current logo no longer means anything to your brand. 


Once you've decided to redesign, it is important to consider how invested your current customers are with your logo. Some businesses start with a logo refresh which works with small shifts to what you already have in place. This can including using your current colors and optimizing your look and feel or the addition of messaging. 

A logo redesign can include brand new messaging and color schemes. A redesign will change what's not currently working for your logo. You'll want to incorporate the changes to your business, your values, and services. 

One Wheel Marketing is committed to helping you refresh or redesign your logo. Our team of experts is here to help you with design elements and messaging to help you create a logo that builds your brand.