Meet Our Team

It's fun to ride 
the mobile marketing 
growth cycle

The ever-changing world of social mediamobile web design, and local web marketing is hard to stay on top of on your own. We put our years of experience to work to help you ride the opportunities of the web, and look dang skippy doing it. 


Mark is the owner and founder of One Wheel Marketing. With over 20 years of Marketing Communications experience, he has a passion for partnering with small businesses owners to encourage growth with digital marketing in the mobile age. Finding inspiration from one of his hobbies (riding a unicycle), Mark believes in riding along side you as you grow your business. When not in the office and meeting with his amazing clients, Mark loves disc golfing, home improvement, and hanging out with his wife and four adorable kids. 

What he loves about working here: Working here is as easy as sliced bread. I love making dreams possible as I work with our amazing clients and talented One Wheel team. 

Marketing Advice: I like BIG BUTTONS and I cannot lie. 

Thoughts on the unicycle: YES! 


Allen focuses on building great relationships with our customers and partnering with them as they take the next steps to market and grow their business. He previous experience includes store management at Lumber Liquidators and a local restaurant. When not out meeting new and current clients, you can find Allen woodworking, specifically on the lathe, playing Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master, and giving us the details on what it was like to grow up with Mark.

Why he loves working here: The celebration of Freedom and Creativity

Marketing Advice: Regardless of economic climate, those who invest in marketing are the ones that grow.

Thoughts on the unicycle: Not too difficult to ride, turning is a different story.


Zac grew up in the Twin Cities dreaming of becoming a super spy or a cartoonist. After discovering that all the best super spy's come from the United Kingdom,  he decided to pursue the cartoonist route. Graduating with a B.S. from the University of Northwestern St. Paul, he got his first job as a part-time animator for a digital billboard at YourSpace Advertising. Making a brief stop as a fraud specialist at Target headquarters, Zac started animating for One Wheel and hasn't looked back.  When he's not creating animations for One Wheel clients, you can find him teaching animation and graphical web design at Saint Paul College or training for a half marathon.

What he loves about working here: There are so many things that make OWM great; It's a tough tie between our quirky team and getting to do what I absolutely love of animation.

Marketing Advice: Marketing is just like animation in that it takes a lot of patience but has some crazy awesome results!

Thoughts on the unicycle: I imagine its a painful learning process.


Danielle comes to One Wheel with a love of writing and helping others succeed at their dreams of building a business.  Prior to One Wheel, she worked as an Adult Ministry Director at a local church and started her own blog on faith and purpose for women. Through her blogging experience, she learned the science behind copywriting which uses a perfect blend of her skills of strategy and creativity. When she's not writing and improving SEO for One Wheel clients, you can find her biking on the trails of Minnesota, reading a good book, hanging out with her dog Moose, and making a mean pot of homemade spaghetti sauce. 

What she loves about working here: The variety of clients I get to write for. So many interesting businesses!

Marketing Advice: Clear messaging. Keep it short and sweet and directed at your ideal client. 

Thoughts on the unicycle: More wheels are always better! 


Shayna uses her writing talents to help others tell their story. While finishing college, she interned with One Wheel Marketing and started working soon after. She will soon graduate with a degree in English Writing at the University of Northwestern. When she’s not writing for clients, she spends time with her cats, family, and friends doing favorite activities like playing games and watching movies.

What she loves about working here: I love working with the people here and getting to know our clients. Writing is just the icing on the cake.

Marketing Advice: Finding a way to connect your story to how you can help others is a great way to catch attention and build relationships.

Thoughts on the unicycle: It might be fun to learn how to ride it, but I would need a lot of padding or armor.


Christine is our web developer which means she makes all the things look cool and work better on your website while she’s keeping us all organized in the office. Her work at One Wheel includes writing custom code, developing processes, automating as much of our work as possible, handling client on boarding and an occasional client photo shoot. Christine holds a B.S. in Computer Science and interned at One Wheel before getting hired full-time. When she’s not writing super amazing custom code for your websites, you can find her spending time with her husband Caleb, camping, fishing, nature photography, and refinishing furniture.

What she loves about working here: The variety of work I get to do. One minute I’m writing custom code, the next I get to use my creative side for a photo shoot. I love it!

Marketing Advice: Utilize social media. You’d be surprised at how much traffic you can drive to your site from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest if you use them consistently.

Thoughts on the unicycle: I’ll stick with my bike ;)