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Meet Our Team

Mark Zubert, Owner


Mark is the owner and founder of One Wheel Marketing. With over 20 years of Marketing Communications experience, he has a passion for partnering with small businesses owners to encourage growth with digital marketing in the mobile age. Finding inspiration from one of his hobbies (riding a unicycle), Mark believes in riding along side you as you grow your business. When not in the office and meeting with his amazing clients, Mark loves disc golfing, home improvement, and hanging out with his wife and four adorable kids. 

What he loves about working here: Working here is as easy as sliced bread. I love making dreams possible as I work with our amazing clients and talented One Wheel team. 

Marketing Advice: I like BIG BUTTONS and I cannot lie. 

Thoughts on the unicycle: YES! 


Brynne Turner, E-commerce and Local SEO Specialist


Brynne graduated from the University of Northwestern - St. Paul with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Intercultural Studies. She started out as an intern at OWM and was brought on as staff after graduation. When not in the office, Brynne spends her time rock climbing, doing yoga, reading books, doing puzzles and hanging out in local coffee shops. 

What she loves about working here: It's collaborative, I'm constantly learning new things, and we have a fun office environment (because where else do you watch Japanese game shows during lunch).

Marketing Advice: Take advantage of the tools available for your online marketing. Your front door has moved from your physical location to your Google business listing and your website. Claim your listing, beef it up, work on getting reviews and responding properly to reviews.

Thoughts on the unicycle: Just hop on and go - I have yet to actually test this theory

Andrew Krahn, Graphic Designer


Andy graduated from the University of Northwestern with a degree in print design.  His background includes freelance logo design, cardboard box designer, and local coffee barista.  When not working on graphic design elements for your website and marketing campaigns, you can find Andy cooking any obscure thing for which hecan afford the ingredients/equipment, making up worlds, and also trying to learn spoon-carving.

Why he loves working here: I have free rein to experiment.

Marketing Advice: Don't assume your clients understand why you do things the way you do.

Thoughts on the unicycle: I'm interested, but the monocycle has my heart.

Zac Lundstrom, Animator


Zac grew up in the Twin Cities dreaming of becoming a super spy or a cartoonist. After discovering that all the best super spy's come from the United Kingdom,  he decided to pursue the cartoonist route. Graduating with  a B.S. from the University of Northwestern St. Paul, he got his first job as a part-time animator for a digital billboard at YourSpace Advertising. Making a brief stop as a fraud specialist at Target headquarters, Zac started animating for One Wheel and hasn't looked back.  When he's not creating animations for One Wheel clients, you can find him whittling, creating sculptures, extreme Netflix binging, mountain biking, camping, and doodling. 

What he loves about working here: There are so many things that make OWM great; It's a tough tie between our quirky team and getting to do what I absolutely love of animation.

Marketing Advice: I'm still in a phase of learning so much myself. From the eyes of an animator, animation involves a lot of problem solving, patience, and more patience. These things are important.

Thoughts on the unicycle: I imagine its a painful learning process.

Danielle Allen, Copywriter


Danielle comes to One Wheel with a love of writing and helping others succeed at their dreams of building a business.  Prior to One Wheel, she worked as an Adult Ministry Director at a local church and started her own blog on faith and purpose for women. Through her blogging experience, she learned the science behind copywriting which uses a perfect blend of her skills of strategy and creativity. When she's not writing and improving SEO for One Wheel clients, you can find her biking on the trails of Minnesota, reading a good book, hanging out with her dog Moose, and making a mean pot of homemade spaghetti sauce. 

What she loves about working here: The variety of clients I get to write for. So many interesting businesses!

Marketing Advice: Clear messaging. Keep it short and sweet and directed at your ideal client. 

Thoughts on the unicycle: More wheels are always better! 

Christine Pheneger, Web Development Intern

Christine is currently in school learning about all things web development. Prior to starting her internship at One Wheel, Christine worked as a Pharmacy technician, in retail, and as a nanny. In her spare time between studying and web development around One Wheel, Christine loves to refinish furniture and likes learning how to build things out of wood. Her other hobbies include photography, interior decorating, snowboarding, crocheting, and puzzles. 

What she loves about working here: The great people and positive work environment.

Marketing Advice: I would tell them, "You probably shouldn't listen to me because I don't know the first thing about marketing."

Thoughts on the unicycle: Love it.