Before and After 1-Day Website Build for a Coon Rapids Fencing Business

Quality Fence Pros, LLC is a Coon Rapids fencing business that focuses on both repairing and building wood, chain link, and ornamental fences. They needed a website that emphasized their professionalism and quality of work, and that their fences are better than your neighbor's DIY fencing project.





What we did:

  • Constructed a website in one day with a logical flow and natural stream of conent

  • Incorporated SEO research and keywords into original and existing content

  • Conducted an onsite photo shoot. Meaning real work, real staff, real fences

  • Created a new logo, keeping in line with with Quality Fence Pros' branding

  • Selected fonts and colors in alignment with branding, creating a holistic feel to the website

The Result:

A super awesome website for super awesome fences