Before and After 1-Day Website Build for Holy Land Tour Company

A website as Breathtaking as the Holy Land Views

Good Shepherd Travel is a Holy Land Tour company out of Fort Worth Texas whose website needed a refresher. Owner, Tony, has been a client with One Wheel for awhile now. His website was one of the original creations of One Wheel, so we felt it was time for a refresher.





What We Did:

  • Updated the website template and created a clean, user friendly layout

  • Refreshed the logo, simplifying it yet keeping in touch with GST's identity

  • Solidified fonts and colors, creating a unified aesthetic

  • Incorporated photos from recent tours

  • Maximized existing content for SEO, and created original content

  • Created a new ecommerce store for tours

The Result: 

A refreshed mobile-friendly website that is fit for adventure!