Before and After One Day Responsive Website Design for Non-Profit Organization

Before and After One Day Responsive Website Design for Non-Profit Ministry

Twelve Disciples Ministries needed an updated and expanded website to match its growing discipleship program. They needed a responsive design and a unified brand, as well as improved content to reach out to their target audience. 

The unique thing about this project is that the client sat down in our office and we designed, reorganized, and launched the new site all on one day.

Before and After





What we did:

  • Migrated content from existing website to new website

  • Designed a mobile-friendly website to improve user experience and increase website traffic from mobile devices

  • Unified the brand through the logo, typography, photography style, and color

  • Utilized photography and video to increase relevancy with audience

  • Implemented strong keywords to increase the search-engine friendliness of each page

  • Wrote content for the website to guide target users to their anticipated goal

  • Implemented a clear call-to-action on the website

The Result

The resulting website is not only mobile-friendly, but has an updated brand style to appeal to the target audience. Content, color, photography, and layout all work together to create a unified website.