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Local SEO Minneapolis Minnesota

Get found by more Local customers

Now offering Over 30 local SEO Directory listings!


One Wheel Marking is your local SEO specialist in Minneapolis. Whether you are in Minneapolis or in any other fine United States city, our dedicated local SEO super squad will get your small business or startup top results on search engines.

When is the last time you looked for something locally? Did you start your local research on your phone? The top results you received were based on local online reputation. You can control and quickly grow your online reputation with local SEO.


Learn more about local SEO with these sweet infographics

Your local SEO investment Means getting found in the coveted top 5 spots on Google Maps Searches

Local SEO is like advertising in the Yellow Pages. Except you are listing in over 30 "yellow pages," and those listings end up directly in your customers' pockets (on their phones, not as a stack of tiny books).

So, we work hard to get you praise-worthy results. One Wheel Marketing works with small businesses, startups and nonprofits in Minneapolis and across the nation to create a local SEO strategy to attract more local customers. If you want to grow your business, you need a proven local SEO strategy to separate you from your competition.

Manual local SEO gets hand-crafted quality results

We manually update local SEO listings to give you the shiny and sparkling results. We add web promotions, advise on Yelp and Google Maps strategy, and scan for ways to improve your listings. 

What is Local SEO?

SEO is a term thrown around by marketers meaning search engine optimization, with local SEO essentially meaning, “let’s make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find as much information on local businesses as possible.” Local SEO is extremely important to any business as most local businesses are found through local searches – and more and more often, on local searches on mobile phones and devices.

The majority of local searches are followed up with actions by the customers: a visit to the store, a purchase, or a phone call. If your business cannot be found, you are missing on a huge opportunity for growth and profit.

The rise of the smartphone and with it, the growth of mobile searches make local SEO more of a necessity than ever before. Most mobile searches are done on the go, meaning searchers are looking for results near them and personalized to them. The use of smartphones have also increased the use of apps to find local listings. With specific and accurate location listings of your business, you can better target customers in your area looking for your offerings.

Get a higher page rank at the same time

Having your business on local listings gives you white hat backlinks – increasing your internet presence. This directly and positively affects your page rankings. Multiple listings ensures that search engines can find your business. The additional sites, particularly reputable directories, linked up to your site adds credibility and legitimacy to your business and website.

A good NAP does you good

Important aspects of local SEO include NAP (name, address, phone number). NAP should be used on every listing and should be consistent throughout. Any discrepancies can discredit your business with search engines.

This is where we can help. We at One Wheel Marketing have the tools and resources to ensure local listings are consistent throughout the web, even niche specific listings. We have the tools to crawl the most important local listings, searching for inconsistencies, and have the capability to instantly sync listings.

Plus, we receive notifications anytime customers leave a review or comment on any local listing,

Special: get 30+ manually-MAINTAINED listings plus premium google maps and yelp support for only $150/month (1 year contract required).

"$150/month? How can this be less than half the price of Yelp advertising alone?"

That's right. Don't fall for Yelp selling you premium listings that don't bring you sustainable growth. Links from local listings and directory sites work because Google relies on the volume of links from credible sources to rank your site on the first page for searches. No single "premium listing" will do this.

Contact us now to see how we offer manual, professional local SEO services for a low monthly price.