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Free Church Websites | Mobile-friendly websites for small churches

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Free church websites are not available at this time. Please join the waiting list to find out when they will be available:

The front door to your church isn’t your front door anymore. It’s your website.
— Mark Zubert: church planter and One Wheel Marketing owner


Our mission is to help churches communicate the value of following Jesus.

We can help you do this online effectively because we are more than professional website designers – we are ministers as well.

Allow us to demonstrate our love for Jesus by designing and developing an industry-standard site for your church – for free.

Top 3 reasons to build your church website with One Wheel Marketing

1) Most church website builders know how to market to churches, but not to the rest of the world

Anyone can build a website that performs poorly. It takes years of expertise in online communication best practices to design an experience that attracts new visitors and offers a pleasing experience for members. We've been working with organizations since the infancy of the world wide web and know what it takes to grow your church online. 

2) We serve churches out of passion, not for profit

Building websites for churches is our ministry. Our other ministry is starting a church. We feed our families making websites for small businesses and startups. We make websites for churches because we love Jesus and believe in small churches, not because it is a lucrative market.

3) We design on the most beautiful, lowest maintenance, easiest-to-use CMS (content management system)

Most "church website builders" build on WordPress – a high-maintenance, hacker-vulnerable, difficult-to-learn platform. Some church website companies make their own CMS. This is not better. We build on rock-solid CMS Squarespace for beautiful, maintenance-free, mobile-friendly website you can easily learn and grow with your team of volunteers.


Let's get started with your free church website!

It's as easy as:

Get your redesign

We'll transfer your content and professionally design and launch your mobile-friendly website for free*

Get hosting

For only $40/month.


Take control

Get immediate full access to your new site with 50+ training videos to help you easily make changes


Frequently asked questions:

Is it really free?

*The first 5 pages are completely free ($1,250 value). Each additional pages you make costs $0 (zero dollars!) /page. Additional pages we make are $20/page (Save $105/page). Alternatively, many churches choose a pay-what-you-want amount.

What does One Wheel Marketing provide in a website?

Your new free mobile-friendly website includes everything you need to get your site under your control, get the training you need to manage it, and get a mobile-responsive home page that makes a compelling first impression on every device.

Is this a website built with the latest technologies and best practices?

Yes, we will build  for you a modern mobile-friendly photography-based design on leading platform Squarespace for beautiful design, blissful user experience, simple editing and non-obsolescence. This is unlike most website companies who build on the cheaper, harder-to-use, pain-to-maintain, hacker-vulnerable platform WordPress.

Will we need to change our hosting?

Yes, your new hosting costs $40/month. You can pay quarterly or annually for simple billing. We manage the hosting because we can offer better support, give permissions to people on our team who are helping develop your site, launch your quickly, make sure everything is paid on time to stay live, ensure access to help you with future issues, and go to bat with Squarespace support on your behalf if necessary.

What do you transfer from my existing site?

Yes, we transfer text, contact forms, videos, galleries and supported code and embed blocks for your current integrations (e.g. google calendar, paypal, online giving). You get to preview and sign off on your new site before it goes live.

Do I need to form a website committee?

We will transfer existing content from your current church website (or Word document) and we don't need anything else to get started. After the site is built, you get full control and you can make improvements and update information easily. You can do this with current volunteers or by forming a team. See below for optional team coaching.

Our current site is run by someone in our church. Can we keep running our site with volunteers?

Yes, that's great. We give your volunteers free training on how to use, change, and grow your site via 50+ available video tutorials. 

What if I don't already have a site?

Just write down some stuff in a Word document and send us some pictures and we'll do the rest! Make additional changes yourself after it goes live or get over-the-phone live development for only $45/half hour (save $17.50). 

How much does it cost to add new features?

You can add features any time for free! We give you access to available features including calendar, podcasting, events, mobile online giving, prayer request forms and event registration. When your volunteers do it, there is no cost. You can optionally get custom development or phone support from us at $45/half hour (save $17.50). 

What if we want to make a bunch of changes during the redesign process?

If you want us to include changes in your redesign and you don't want to wait until you have access to make them yourselves, we are here to help you. Book an appointment and we can do live over-the-phone on-site changes until you are thrilled. Only $45/half hour (save $17.50).

What do you need in order to switch to the new website?

We just need access to the website where you bought and renew your website address to change some settings. You will be able to cancel your current hosting after your new site goes live. 

Do you include any bonuses?

Yes, we will deliver the following 4 big bonuses:

  1. Make a custom home page designed for first-time visitors complete with map, service times and an invitation to your church
  2. Use our experience in Search Engine Optimization to make sure your site can be found easily for people looking for churches near them
  3. Give your visitors a better experience by reorganizing some of the content on your church website
  4. Create a page about Jesus that invites guests to follow Him. Most church sites do not have this, yet we know that people are looking for answers about Jesus online. We want people to not only find Jesus, but connect with your church as they start to follow Him. 

Are there any other options to get help developing our online ministry?

Yes, here are some optional add-ons with special pricing only for you awesome Jesus-following churches:

  • Support via email (unlimited): $10/month
  • New domain names: $2/month
  • Email on new domains: $7 per user per month
  • Over-the-phone live development: $45/half hour
  • URL mapping so primary links from old website will still work: $45
  • Monthly online ministry coaching (see below): $170/month
  • Monthly online ministry partnership (see below): $250/month
People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I do free websites for churches. As a bivocational church planter, I want Jesus and His church found to be a relevant value to our communities. I would be crazy not to help churches reach people right where they are: searching for answers to life’s questions with their smartphones while about to walk into a pole.
— Unicyclist and owner Mark Zubert


Take your online ministry to the next level with:

coaching and partnership with One Wheel Marketing

Advance your church's mission with professional online ministry consulting. We can help you set up online giving, start podcasting and develop social media ministries. Get secret shopper feedback, newcomer integration training and more. Win the hearts of your community and maybe even your board! We help turn your great ideas into reality with your people, and let you take all the credit.

Online ministry


Get up to 1 hour phone coaching per month to grow your church marketing efforts. Includes unlimited email support and 1 additional hour of work per month (e.g. projects that come from coaching, search engine optimization, etc).

Gives us the ability to serve you with the following:

  • Secret shopper evaluation
  • Video production training
  • Blog coaching
  • Social media training
  • Online services consulting
  • Video streaming consulting

$170/month (save $80)  



Online ministry


Adds 1 additional hour design, development, or Search Engine Optimization work on your projects (3 hours/month total). 

Get access to all of the features on the coaching plan plus:

  • Church app creation
  • 50+ updated local listings for SEO
  • Series graphics design
  • Bulletin design
  • Video editing
  • Social media campaign design

$250/month (Save $125)

Learn more about church marketing coaching and partnership

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