1-Day Website Build for Minneapolis Estate Planners

Planning a Website for the Estate Planners

Rust Law is a family-owned, Oakdale, MN estate planning company. They have unique services such as probate, estate planning, elder law, and gun trust that we had to incorporate into one website. Originally, they had two websites, neither of which they could access to edit. They asked us to build them a website to combine these services into one website, have more control over their content, and have a more mobile-friendly platform. After some onboarding, we went to work, making the best of all their requests.

Before - Estate Planning Website

Before - Estate Planning Website

Before - Gun Trust Website



What We Did:

  • Transported forms from their old website to their new one

  • Used original photography

  • Added the original content that they wanted

  • Imported their blog

  • Combined two websites into one

  • Optimized SEO for his area

  • Gave him access to his own website — We believe that he should own his own stuff!

The result:

They left with a new, mobile-friendly website, built in one day, with what they wanted.