1 Day Website Build for Water Treatment and Energy Efficiency Company

AN efficient site for an Energy efficient company

Apex Efficiency Solutions, SBC is a Minnesota based Specific Benefit Corporation that aims to provide their clients with efficient energy and water treatment solutions. This means cost-effectively treating waste water to benefit both clients and the environment, as well as creating energy efficient uses of heating, cooling, lighting, and more. They needed a website that better showcases their range of work and the benefits to their clients.





What We Did:

  • Selected fonts and colors in alignment with Apex’s branding

  • Designed a custom counter, tracking the energy, water, etc. saved by Apex

  • Created custom icon animations

  • Edited existing content copy and case studies

  • Wrote original content

  • Incorporated original photos of Apex’s work for real clients

  • Designed a website all in one day

The Result:

A mobile-friendly website that is both informative and easy to navigate.