Goodbye Bing, Say Hello to Google


What iPhone's switch to Google means for local SEO

The reign of Bing has now come to a close on iPhone, and this is great news for local businesses!

Siri is no longer defaulting to Bing as its search engine when she doesn't know the answer. Not only that, but Google will now be the default browser on your iPhone's search bar as well. Apple claims the main goal of this is consistency, aiming to give users a consistent web search experience across the board as Safari on Mac and IOS were already using Google as default. 

It's now much easier to control your search result on iPhones

The search results are based purely on organic results, skipping all of the ads and starting with the actual ranking results. Thus, making your Google My Business (GMB) all the more important, as well as optimizing your website with SEO keywords. Many business make the mistake of not optimizing their business account. 

We are here to help you out. Mastering Google, or even appeasing it, feels tricky and tedious. But we are more than happy to give you some tips and tricks to getting your business found by Siri.

It's now easier than ever!

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