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More than Eye Candy: Get more Stops in your shops

Discover the surprising benefits of a Google virtual tour

Many businesses like yours are realizing the hidden advantages of Google. Their customers love the tours whether they discover them on Google Maps, on social media, or embedded on the company website.

A Google Virtual Tour  is a great asset for any Minneapolis businesses with a physical location – especially as customers anticipate real-life connections beyond online visits.

Google Virtual Tours take web visitors on a walk around your business, showing them what the interior is like while they sit happily on their couch or coffee shop stool.

One Wheel Marketing makes it fast and easy, and with a Google Virtual Tour, you’ll benefit from engaged website visitors turning into raving fans of your business. 

But there's actually more benefits than you may think.


6 REASONS YOUR Minneapolis BUSINESS or organization SHOULD HAVE A GOOGLE MAPS Virtual Tour:


1) Get more local search results

Google likes to show off your virtual tour images as much as people like to look at them. The result? An increase in people checking out your location online – leading to more real life visits. The image count shown in this image represent views only in the first 30 days of being live.


2) Help window shoppers take a step inside

First impressions are huge. They can make or break a customer’s experience with your business. Google Virtual Tours takes the first impression from a physical foot in the door to an online adventure through your store. When customers know what to expect prior to their first visit, they are less likely to leave bad reviews due to unmet expectations. For businesses with great interiors hidden behind dated exteriors, offering a virtual tour can "wow" potential clients who might otherwise pass by on the street.


3) Say hello to increased customer engagement

Invite casual website visitors to get comfortable and stay a while with Google Business View. Customers are enticed to click to see inside, and therefore spend more time perusing your website and digging into your business. The longer customers linger on your website, the more likely they are to take action. Google reports that “listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.” (


4) Take a step ahead of your competitors

With a 360-degree virtual tour, your business will stand out over and above competitors whose websites only display static images. Believe it or not, a peek inside your business with a virtual tour can be the deciding factor in choosing your business over your competitor’s. By taking the virtual tour, your customers are engaged with your company longer. The longer customers engage with your business, the more likely they are to remember your business’ name as opposed to that of your competitor.


5) Easily embed and share your virtual tour

When you take the time to create a virtual tour, you need to share it. Google Virtual Tours are easy to share anywhere you’d like. So, you can embed your business tour on your website and share on Facebook.


6) Demonstrate your creativity

A virtual tour can show off your creativity. One business used Google Virtual Tours to create a scavenger hunt for its customers. Prospective job seekers can get an idea of your business before their first interview. Sometimes, your business is easier to show than to tell. Google Virtual Tours demonstrates to newcomers what your business is all about: how you operate, what you offer, and why they should walk through your door.

So, take a little time to record your virtual tour and see the many ways Google Virtual Tours can start working for you.

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