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Instructions For creating your card

1) Check images below to know what wording is already in the card

2) If it's not already, move your deal into the "Write Thank You Card" stage in Pipedrive

3) Click on deal

4) In left-hand column under Details, click to Add Value to 1:1 Custom Message field

5) Type your custom message, being mindful of the wording that already exists in card

6) Double check the following:

  • Spelling & grammar
  • Name: No middle initial – just first and last name
  • Address format MUST be under the Organization in Pipedrive, and follow this format:
    • Street address, City, State - separated by commas, but no comma between State and Zip or Address and Suite #, and no "USA" in address, e.g.:
      • 123 Main St., Minneapolis, MN 55433, or
      • 123 Main St. #400, Minneapolis, MN 55433

7) Move deal into "Send Thank You Card" stage in Pipedrive. Leave it there for 15 minutes and the card will send.

8) You're done! Your card will be sent out the next day.


Here is what your card will look like: