Minneapolis website editing services


What we like to call your IDEA LOG


Give us your half-baked ideas, feature requests, and website edits - and we’ll make the magic happen.

You know those changes you’ve been meaning to get to or that amazing new idea you have? We can help with that!

We go beyond simply making changes – we make sure we understand what you're trying to accomplish.

Then, we use our marketing experience to help you squeeze more out of your opportunity.

Just add your ideas or issues to your dedicated prioritized board and we'll jump on it.

The idea log gives you access to our team of wizards to create new website features like:

  • Setting up a new email drip campaign

  • Creating calculating forms

  • Building a mini site

  • Launching a new video landing page

  • Other website edits

Additional material costs may apply (e.g. stock photography; plugin costs)


making it easy to roll your website forward


2 credits = 2 hours

  • Saved idea log hours can roll over for 1 month.

  • Also, borrow hours from 1-2 months in the future. Time travel exists!

  • Depending on your backlog and goals (and our availability), we can roll & borrow as needed.

  • Accelerate your backlog by increasing your monthly time/credits.

  • If your project list cools down, you can always have us reduce back down to as low as 2 credits/month.

  • Get quarterly brainstorming meetings at the 4+ credit level


Need only incremental WordPress edits?

Complete Wordpress

Keeping up with maintenance can be tricky. Let us deal with the hassle for you.

Website changes

We help you power through that long wishlist of menial tasks for your site.