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Smart Website Editing

So, your website needs changes! It needs to grow! And you have ideas!

We go beyond simply making changes – we make sure we understand what you're trying to accomplish.

Then, we use our marketing experience to help you squeeze more out of your opportunity.

Just add your ideas or issues to your dedicated prioritized board and we'll jump on it.

Website edits may include:

  • New features
  • New landing pages
  • Bug squashing
  • Issue handling
  • Website maintenance 

Additional material costs may apply (e.g. stock photography, plugin costs).

Totally flexible for maximum helpfulness

  • Alternatively, schedule a meeting to use your credits for marketing coaching
  • Website editing credit hours are rolled over if unused
  • Credit hours never expire
  • Borrow credit hours from up to 1 month in the future
  • Accrued credits can be rolled into other products on a quarterly basis or into a marketing campaign
  • Extra non-credit hours available at your current credit rate
  • Add extra credit hours any time with 3 months commitment
  1 CR/hour of changes

 1 CR/hour of changes