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Get new leads from Google Maps!

   (hint: it's powered by reviews)

Make It Easy For Your Happy Customers To Give You 5-Star Reviews

If you aren't assertive in asking for reviews, you're more like to receive negative reviews. By asking and making it easy, happy customers are able to share the good word where it matters.

Intercept Unhappy Customers Before They Complain To The World

Reach dissatisfied customers before they bad-mouth your business. Plus, get another chance to win people over  by taking advantage of new customer service opportunities. 

Why It Works

Segment happy vs. unhappy people to draw out good reviewers & pre-empt negative reviews.


Here's how: 

First, get a jump start with a Reviews Campaign

It Starts With A Friendly Email Asking For Feedback

Upload your list of email addresses and first names in bulk via CSV or Excel file or one at a time. Each person will be emailed and given the choice of 1-5 stars depending on their perceived experience.

Only 5-Star Reviewers Are Offered The Chance To Leave A Public Review

Your landing page treats 1 to 4-star reviews as customer service issues, and their feedback gets emailed only to you. Only 5-star reviewers get sent to the right place to leave their reviews.

Guide Only The Happy Customers To Leave Reviews Where It Matters

Google reviews usually have the most immediate impact for local businesses. Reviewers are sent directly to the hard-to-find Google review page and 5 stars are automatically filled in to make it easy. Also, you can also send reviewers to any ecommerce or industry-spectific site as needed.

Give Customers A Choice Of Which Location To Review

Do you have multiple locations? Make it easy for your customers to choose which location to give feedback on. Plus, use separate pages and widgets for each location.

Then, keep the reviews coming in to win the reviews race

Invite New Customers For Feedback As Fast As You Can

It's not a secret that Google gives a boost to the organization with the fastest pace of consistent 5-star reviews. Use your custom email upload page to upload new customer emails 1 at a time or in bulk each week.

Create A "Review Us" Page On Your Website

Make it easy for customers on your website to leave a review with an embedded widget for collecting reviews.

Make Every Email You Send An Opportunity For Reviewers

Extend campaigns to all customer interactions with email signature snippets and widgets.

Bonus: get extra mileage out of your new reviews tool

Automatically Share 5-Star Reviews To Social Media

Auto-share 5-star reviews, including images, to Facebook and Twitter.

Offer Coupons As A Token Of Appreciation

And to incentivize repeat business.

Monitor Review Sites

Monitor major, minor and industry-specific review sites for new reviews and new opportunities to thank customers and turn them into referrers.

Get Customer Service Intel

Give your team the time and intel to turn a negative customer experience around

Show Your 5-Star Reviews To Your Website Visitors

Stream your latest and greatest reviews to your website in an easily embeddable mobile-responsive widget.