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Statement of Faith & religious Purpose

  1. The owners at One Wheel Marketing are followers of Jesus Christ. 
  2. The One Wheel Marketing team members strive to live their lives in a manner that is consistent with their faith and grounded in the Bible.
  3. All business decisions made at One Wheel Marketing are made in accordance with Biblical principles and their faith. 
  4. In light of our faith, One Wheel Marketing exists to bring glory to God and share His truth by serving its team members, clients, and surrounding community. 
  5. To this end, we will always seek to love our neighbors and treat our neighbors and we would want to be treated by serving our customers with love and excellence. 
  6. Our desire is that our service to the community will bear witness to our faith in Jesus Christ.
  7. We will prioritize the above religious, ethical, and moral principles regardless of the impact on  our profit. 

General Policy on Company Services

One Wheel Marketing engages in company expression through the many services we provide.  We intentionally express public messages that promote aspects of our Christian faith, or at least that do not violate those beliefs.  For this reason, we reserve the right to deny a request for services that would require us to engage in or express a message that violates our faith and religious beliefs. 

Customer Relations Policy

We operate the business of One Wheel Marketing according to the principles of our faith.  Each of our team members must review and understand our owner's Statement of Faith Policy.  In keeping with these principles, all One Wheel team members must treat every person with compassion, kindness, respect, and dignity while at work. 

In the event that a customer requests a service that might involve expressing a message contrary to our Statement of Faith Policy, our team members are instructed to politely defer an answer until he or she has consulted with our owner.  

If our owner chooses to not provide the requested service that violates our statement of faith, the owner and team members of One Wheel Marketing are happy to refer the requesting customer to one or more service providers that could meet their request.