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Search Engine Optimization via lead- generating content creation

1 Credit Each – or – 4 Credits For All

  • †Content Calendar
    Knowing what to write can be difficult. We want you to be successful with your content. Blog with confidence with scheduled ideal topics using key words based on research.
  • †SEO and Content Marketing Coaching
    Get monthly SEO 1:1 strategy sessions. Or, we can use the hour to give you a jump start on your SEO content
  • †Content Upgrades
    Connect new blogs to content upgrades that generate leads via a free download offer.
  • †SEO Blog Editing
    We review each article and manually edit with keywords, internal links, photo renaming, etc.
  • †Social Media Broadcasting
    Send all your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and your choice of another industry-specific network (e.g. Google Posts)


Includes access to 9 article templates for faster, easier blogging