Minneapolis responsive web design for Non-Profits

Non-Profit websites


Assisting Non-profits to reach out with a new mobile-friendly website

Non-Profit Websites Need

  • Understandable Information about the Non-Profit

  • Consistent Goal-setting Language

  •  Mobile-friendly Design

  • High-quality Photographs

  • Heartfelt Testimonials of those they have Helped

  • Ways to Connect with Every Visitor to the Site


Growing Non-profits with new websites

Case Study

Truth in Love Ministry


Our friends at Truth in Love Ministry provide the tools necessary to minister to people in the Mormon community in Idaho.  When they needed help with their website, we stepped up to the plate. We conducted a redesign of their website to give them an inviting look with quality pictures and design. We also cleaned up their layout and provided SEO services to help viewers through their website. The result was a jump in views and more involvement with their website.


Before & After

Check out how we helped them achieve their website goals.

Caring for Website Building for Minneapolis Businesses

Case Study

Community Cares


Community Cares is a local Minnesota food bank focusing on delivering fresh foods to food shelves in the area within one day of pickup. They needed a mobile-friendly website that looked as fresh as the food they deliver with new images and logos. We worked together to build their website in one day, creating a new logo with inspiration from the old one, adding images from their process, and created original content to expand their views. They now have amazing results and growing views.


Before & After

Check out how we made their website as fresh as they are.