How Credits work

One Wheel Credits are the fun, flexible way to build your online marketing mix:

Creating the ideal marketing plan can be stressful. Why not make a game out of it? Choose the plan that works best for your budget with the flexibility to choose the options that best fit your business' needs.

OWM Credits:


Are your build-your-own discount program


Provide transparent pricing for your services


For hourly services, always equal 1 hour of work


Allow you to change your marketing mix every 90 days


Act as a payment plan for larger builds and projects


Give budget-friendly predictability


 How to play:

  • All services have a minimum 3 month agreement

  • Some services have a 1 year requirement

  • Credits can be added at any time and are paid monthly.

  • Credits are automatically renewed on the 1st of each month.

  • Credits can be cancelled with 90 days notice

  • Credits used for SEO services must stay designated for SEO

  • Monthly reports and quarterly planning are included with SEO services

  • Quarterly planning is available at the 4+ credit level

  • Save even more when you add additional credits to your plan and move to a lower pricing level


Credits pricing levels

Each credit token below represents a different pricing level. As you increase your credit amount, the price per credit decreases. Each additional credit within the credit level is charged at the credit level price. For example, 5 credits are $138 per credit.

Have a special project? Additional credit hours are available at your discounted credit pricing level.

Credits pricing levels:


1 Credit per Month



2-3 Credits per Month



4-7 Credits per Month



8-15 Credits per Month



16-31 Credits per Month



32 or more Credits per Month


Services for your marketing budget

WheeliesOneCredit_1 Wheelie D.png

1 credit each per month

Wheeliesadditionals_2_2 Wheelies D.png

2-3 credits each per month


WP Complete (2 Cr)

Idea Log (2 Cr)

Ecommerce (2 Cr)

Training Wheel Websites (3 Cr)

Local SEO

Fish to Fish (2 Cr)


Animated Email Header (2 Cr)

Animated Logo (2 Cr)

Animated Icons (2 Cr)

SEO Credits

Page by Page SEO (2 Cr)

SEO Content Calendar (2 Cr)

SEO & Content Marketing Coaching (2 Cr)

SEO Blog Editing (2 Cr)

Social Media Broadcasting (2 Cr)

Content Upgrades (2 Cr)

SEO Vlogging (2 Cr)

4 Credits.png

4 credits each per month


One-Day Website (4 Cr)

Local SEO

Google Maps Ad (4 Cr)


Logo Design (4 Cr)

SEO Credits

Smart Ask FAQ Articles (4 Cr)

SEO Article Writing (4 Cr)

8 Credits.png

Up to or more than 8 credits per month depending on the scope of the project

Idea Log Credits have extra adaptability

  • Idea Log credits can be rolled over 1 month

  • Borrow Idea Log credit hours from 1-2 months in the future

  • After Idea Log hours are used up, just add more to keep rolling

Putting credits to work 

If you want to learn more about our unique credit system and our digital marketing services, we'd love to answer your questions and make all of your wildest dreams come true.