Minneapolis Responsive Web Design for Home Exterior Companies

Home Exteriors


responsive websites for home exterior contractors

Home Exterior Websites Need:

  • Before and After Photos of Work

  • Clear Explanation of Services

  • Transparency of Your Qualifications

  • Well-placed Calls to Action

  • Noticeable Contact Page

  • Explanations of Products You Use 


mobile-friendly websites for exterior home contractors

Case Study

Bitz Exteriors


Bitz Exteriors is a Maple Grove business, striving to help every homeowner with their home exterior dreams. They present all the options rather than just the options they sell, and aren't afraid to refer customers to someone else when the project is beyond their scope. It’s this honesty that separates them from the competition. They needed an updated website that explained their services for windows, siding, roofing, and more. We worked with them to make a mobile-friendly website with clear explanations, before-and-afters, and new animations that showed off their quirky side. In the end, they had a website that expanded to forty pages from just three. Their mobile responsive website highlighted their personality and integrity.


Before & After

Check out how we changed their website to match their personality