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LEARN MORE ABOUT Google Maps Business view

The 3D virtual tour that impresses your visitors and gets you more impressions in search

Google Business View is a wow-factor asset in local marketing that drives new traffic to your listing and website. And, it's no longer expensive to have.

Google Maps Business View is a series of linked spherical images available for any business with a physical location. Customers are becoming more and more interested in 3D technology and are no doubt responsive to visual stimuli.

Here's how it works: Google Maps Business View gives a virtual tour of your business, showing potential customers what the interior is like while they sit happily on their couch, coffee shop stool, or wherever they may be.

While it make take time to figure out the ins and outs of your virtual tour and posting it on the web, the payoff is more engaged website visitors turning into raving fans for your business.  Five quick reasons your physical business location should have a Google Maps Business View:


Say goodbye to the guessing games

First impressions are huge. Google Business View takes your first impression from a physical foot in the door to an online adventure through your store. Customers know what to expect and, therefore are less likely to leave a bad review because of unmet expectations. When you have a great interior with a dated exterior, a virtual tour can "wow" your potential clients with the inner workings of your business. Google Business View takes away loss of potential customers from unrealistic expectations. 

see an increase in customer actions/impressions

Invite casual website visitors to get comfortable and stay a while with Google Business View.  Customers are enticed to click the “see inside” button, and therefore spend more time perusing your website and digging into your business. And in the end, customers are ultimately more likely to take action. “Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest” (https://www.google.com/streetview/hire/ ).

Take a step ahead of your competitors

Your business is better represented than your competitors who only have static images. Believe it or not, a peek inside your business with a virtual tour can be the deciding factor in choosing your business over your competitors. By taking the virtual tour, your customers are engaged with  your company longer. The longer a customer is engaged in your business,  the more likely they are to remember your business name as opposed to your competitor’s.

Your virtual tour is easily embeddable

When you take the time to create a virtual tour, you need to share it. Everywhere. Google Business View makes it easy so you can embed your tour on on your website, Facebook, and other social media channels.  

Business Creativity

A virtual tour can show off your creativity. For example, a business created a scavenger hunt for its customers with prizes using their Google Business View. If you are or will be in the process of hiring, it gives job seekers an idea of what they are getting into. If your business is easier to show rather than to tell, Google Business View is a great way to explain your business (especially because it can be embedded into your website).

So take some time, record your virtual tour and see how Google Business View can start working for you.