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Getting Amped for Google AMP  

Google AMP results are now available for your SquareSpace blog posts! Trust us, it’s a beautiful thing.

What is Google Amp? 

It is no secret that Google is making the switch to mobile first and you should too. In today's market, the majority of searches are done via smartphone. Google, knowing this fun fact, is switching value from Mobile-friendly, to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP works wonders for readability. It strips a site or blog post down to a lightweight form, making it 4 times faster and using 10 times less data to load a page on mobile than a non-AMP page or blog post ( AMP is meant purely for speed and readability. Think about your own mobile searches. Have you ever given up on an article because it took too long to load? Your readers are important, and you want to do everything you can to maintain their attention.

Will Google AMP affect SEO? 

Not only does AMP load faster on mobile, but AMP results show up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), as indicated by the AMP label and the lightening bolt symbol, under the heading “Top Stories” in a carousel format. Closer to the top means increased visibility for your blog posts.

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While Google has stated AMP does not affect your rankings, many AMP publishers have experienced the positive affects of it.

Fun AMP Facts

Here are some Stats and Facts after AMP’s first year of use according to

  • “23-percent increase in mobile search users who return within seven days.”

  • “25-percent increase in click-through rates from search results”

  • “Mobile users who start with an AMP article spend 10 percent more time than those who land on regular mobile pages.”

  • “80 percent+ of AMP publishers realized higher viewability rates”

  • “90 percent of AMP publishers drove greater engagement with higher CTRs.”


AMP does not directly affect your page rankings, but there are definitely some perks to an AMP blog post. We are here to help you capitalize on these benefits by transitioning your blogs so they open as AMPs on mobile. Don’t worry, it will not alter the format of your blog posts on desktop and you don’t need to change how you go about posting, it merely changes how a post is opened on mobile. Pretty cool, right?