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Fish to Fish

Give someone a fish – you feed them for a day. Teach your fish to fish – they feed you for a lifetime.

Use every service customer to catch another. 

You have had one customer looking for a specific solution, there is no doubt another potential customer looking for the same solution, so why not draw in new customers based on past experiences. Our automated system does exactly that.

Simply fill out a short customized form, add a picture, and hit submit.

Fish To Fish does the rest:

  1. Creates a headline, writes a paragraph, and changes the url of your image based on the form
  2. Assembles and uploads the new content
  3. Automatically positions the new content into a new optimized page on your website
  4. Optionally publishes the new content to your social media
  5. Draws new customers who find the posts and images that match the content from your pages
  6. Can create unlimited posts each day to drop more lines in the water

Results best evaluated after 12 months.


1 credit
Set up fee