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Our content marketing process

Our content marketing process help your team develop a strategy that works. You're busy and you need a helping hand when it comes to figuring out how to woo your not-yet customers. That's where we come in. We'll walk you through our trusted process to help you discover the best content creation plan that gets you working toward great SEO, better leads and new customers. 


Research Client Wants

Before we get started, we do our research. From researching keywords that work for your business and article ideas that will meet the needs of your not-yet clients, we come armed with information to help you put a content creation plan in place. 

 Content marketing packages

Know Your Fingerprint

While research is great, we go one step further. We need to know your business and blogging fingerprint. The best content for your business will be at the intersection of your expertise and the felt needs of your potential clients. We work with you to develop the best types of content for you and your business. 

 Content Marketing Packages

Follow the Plan

Once we've documented our keyword research and identified your content fingerprint, we put together a plan using one of our content marketing packages and your know-how. Together, we can grow your business one blog post at a time.