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content marketing Funnel

What is a marketing funnel? 

A content marketing funnel is really a plan. It's your plan to move casual readers of your website to loyal customers. It's a model that breaks down the steps of converting that first-time website visitor to purchasing or signing up for your service.  The best way to develop your marketing funnel is to develop a system of next steps you want your customers to take to get to your end goal or making that big purchase. Here at One Wheel Marketing, we've developed a quarterly plan to develop your marketing funnel in bite-sized chunks. Every marketing funnel will include four basic elements. 

Email List

The point of any content marketing plan is to generate an e-mail list. Why are e-mail lists so important? E-mail lists help you identify leads who are somewhat interested in your business and provide a vehicle for you to reach those interested leads with your offers. One Wheel can help you get set up with an e-mail service provider that will store your list and make it easy to reach your list with a few clicks. 

Lead Magnet

Once you've set up your e-mail list, your ready to start developing your funnel. The first step in any funnel is what we call a lead magnet, which is simply a free resource your potential new lead can download in exchange for their e-mail address. Typical lead magnets include a free checklist, a quiz to determine their readiness for your product, a worksheet to help your client think through their options, a how to video and more. Don't worry, we can help you think through the options. 

Small Offer

Once your lead has given you their e-mail address in exchange for a free resource, you know their mildly interested in their offer. The next level of the funnel is to get them to engage with your business on a deeper level. In the marketing business, we call this a tripwire offer which is a small, low-cost offer. It can be as an e-book or a more expansive how to video or templates to use in their own business. The goal is to track those individuals who are willing to pay a little more for additional information. When they purchase your small offer, they may be ready for that big purchase. 

Full Offer

Once your potential lead has dipped their toe into your business, their probably ready for a full-priced offer. Whatever it is you sell, the goal is to get the lead on your e-mail list to becoming a customer with this full offer. Your full offer should be your ultimate goal for converting your lead to a happy client. 

Why You need a funnel...

The proven benefits of laying the groundwork on your digital marketing plan

We know what you're thinking-that's a lot of work, do I really need a funnel?  The answer: in a nutshell, yes. While developing a marketing funnel is a lot of work on the front end, the benefits start outweighing the work when your business grows. When you work on putting the time into your funnel, you lay a track your marketing team can run on when it comes to creating content, making offers, and developing a strategy to convert those first-time website visitors into raving fans.  

Your clients journey

Every potential client is on a journey. From the first time they hear about your business and services to the day they decide to purchase, your job is to be their guide in taking the next step with your company. Every marketing funnel follows the stages of a buyer's journey. 

Andy should make a super cool funnel graphic instead of my boring columns...


Before they start visiting your website or social media channel, they need to know who you are. 


At loyalty, your buyer isn't just buying once - they've become repeat customers. 


After your buyer knows who you are, they move into considering buying your product or engaging in your business. 


The last step in your buyer's journey is the customer who tells others about you.  Basically, raving fans of your business. 


At the conversion stage, your buyer is ready to buy. The've  made the leap and are ready to commit. 


Marketing Funnel Benefits

While creating a marketing funnel can be an investment on the front end, it's an investment with dividends for years to come.  So what are the benefits of taking the time to create a specific marketing funnel for your business? 


Understand your buyer

Did you know that the average website visitor is not ready to buy until their fourth website visit? With that in mind, every buyer you encounter on the internet is on a journey.  Creating a funnel helps you visualize the journey that will take your website visitor from potential client to raving fan. 


Maxing Out E-mail

While print advertising still works, many businesses are turning toward e-mail marketing.  Marketing funnels help you develop an e-mail list and put it to work for you. Identifying the best leads via e-mail is better than sliced bread. 

Strategize your marketing

Developing a marketing funnel for your business with help you strategize a marketing process. From the first initial contact to making the eventual sale, your funnel will help you process leads and help your staff know what the next step for your future client is every time. 


Identify best content

Your funnel will help you identify the most effective content for your website.  Based on e-mail lists and conversions, you'll be able to identify where to focus your content marketing efforts. 

Invest in Paid Ads

Your marketing funnel should dictate where you spend money on paid advertising. From google ads to boosting posts on Facebook, your marketing funnel will help you identify the steps in your funnel to get the most bang for your buck. 


Streamline Your Business

Growing your business has never been easier. Once you establish your marketing funnel, the process takes over and makes turning leads into clients a breeze. 

One wheel marketing funnel services

Developing your own marketing funnel is like learning to walk. You build your funnel one step at a time. To assist you in this process, One Wheel Marketing offers coaching packages to walk you through the process each step of the way. From developing a content plan, creating a lead magnet and helping you build a website that converts, we lend our expertise to help you develop a funnel that works for your business.