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New Minneapolis Business Phone Company Launch

New Minneapolis Wedding Cakes 1-Day Website Launch Announcement

New Restaurant website with online Minneapolis Lunch ordering launch announcement

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Not a
great fit

1) Bloggers and news sites

2) Businesses with not-that-great products or unethical practices

3) Entrepreneurs who want to build a web-based business and not develop their business themselves

4) Generally unlikable people

Low-Hanging Fruit

1) Second stage local B-C businesses

e.g. companies ready for their second website

2) Trades businesses with 1-100 clients per week

Example: Bitz Exteriors, Twin City Heating and Air

3) B-B seeking local customers

Examples: OEB, AV For You, Cady BT

4) E-Commerce sites with 1-1000 SKUs

Example: Snuggle Me

5) Inventors, New Businesses & Orgs

Example: Pro Products

Training Wheel Product. Meet for 3 months, 2x month; work 1 day/week.