Minneapolis Local Service Case Study

Rental company: AV For You

Marketing Mix Case Study 1/5

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SEO Marketing Mix


Category Landing Pages (Article Writing)


Highlight: Content Marketing Coaching

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Local Retail Service Case Study

Florist: Luna Vinca

Marketing Mix Case Study 2/5

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SEO Marketing Mix

Page By Page SEO

Review Acquisition

Directory Backlinks


Highlight: Image Key Word Optimizing

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Local Product Company Minneapolis

TrophY Company: Broadway Awards

Marketing Mix Case Study 3/5

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SEO Marketing Mix

Page By Page SEO

Smart Website Editing


Highlight: Review Acquisition

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National Travel Service Company

Good Shepherd Travel

Marketing Mix Case Study 4/5

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SEO Marketing Mix




Highlight: Article Writing

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Local HVAC Product and Repair Service

Twin City Heating and Air

Marketing Mix Case Study 5/5


SEO Marketing Mix

Article Writing

Google Maps Lead Locations


Highlight: Page By Page SEO

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Offer for ActionCOACH Clients:

Marketing Mix Review


1) Identify your best existing ingredients

2) Suggest best mega marketing ingredients

3) Share best practice solutions to make your mix


Not a
great fit

1) Bloggers and news sites

2) Businesses with not-that-great products or unethical practices

3) Entrepreneurs who want to build a web-based business and not develop their business themselves

4) Total turds and generally unlikable people

Low-Hanging Fruit

1) Second stage local B-C businesses

Companies ready for their second website

Example: Lucas Family Carpet Cleaning

2) Trades businesses with 1-100+ clients per week

Example: Bitz Exteriors, Twin City Heating and Air

3) Inventors, New Businesses & Orgs

Example: Pro Products

Training Wheel Product. Meet for 3 months, 2x month; work 1 day/week.

Training Wheel Example: Extra Mile Construction

4) E-Commerce sites with 1-1000 SKUs

5) B-B seeking local customers

Examples: OEB, AV For You, Cady BT