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How to Write for voice search!

People are asking questions to their devices more every day. Here’s a sweet tip to help your website provide the answer!

1) Install

After install, click the button on that looks like this icon and click again to get an API key. Fill out your email and follow the instructions to install the API key.


2) Enter your keyword into


3) Click on “Data:”

Screenshot 2018-10-11 14.51.58.png

4) Find an item with some traffic (x/mo is searches per month):

Screenshot 2018-10-11 14.57.45.png

5) Write an article about that topic!

Add your city to the title and/or first 100 words.


We’re here to help if you get stuck! Email if you need help getting the above to work.

Also, let us know if you want some help knowing how write strong SEO articles that attract prospects. We can give sweet tips and show you how we can help at a meeting at our fun office - book a meeting here:


Minneapolis Local Service Case Study

Rental company: AV For You

Marketing Mix Case Study 1/5

Screenshot 2018-07-11 19.53.31.png

SEO Marketing Mix


Category Landing Pages (Article Writing)


Highlight: Content Marketing Coaching

Local Retail Service Case Study

Florist: Luna Vinca

Marketing Mix Case Study 2/5

Screenshot 2018-07-11 20.02.09.png

SEO Marketing Mix

Page By Page SEO

Review Acquisition

Directory Backlinks


Highlight: Image Key Word Optimizing

Local Product Company Minneapolis

TrophY Company: Broadway Awards

Marketing Mix Case Study 3/5

Screenshot 2018-07-11 20.12.01.png

SEO Marketing Mix

Page By Page SEO

Smart Website Editing


Highlight: Review Acquisition

National Travel Service Company

Good Shepherd Travel

Marketing Mix Case Study 4/5

Screenshot 2018-07-11 20.13.34.png

SEO Marketing Mix




Highlight: Article Writing

Local HVAC Product and Repair Service

Twin City Heating and Air

Marketing Mix Case Study 5/5


SEO Marketing Mix

Article Writing

Google Maps Lead Locations


Highlight: Page By Page SEO


Offer for ActionCOACH Clients:

Marketing Mix Review


1) Identify your best existing ingredients

2) Suggest best mega marketing ingredients

3) Share best practice solutions to make your mix


Not a
great fit

1) Bloggers and news sites

2) Businesses with not-that-great products or unethical practices

3) Entrepreneurs who want to build a web-based business and not develop their business themselves

4) Total turds and generally unlikable people

Low-Hanging Fruit

1) Second stage local B-C businesses

Companies ready for their second website

Example: Lucas Family Carpet Cleaning

2) Trades businesses with 1-100+ clients per week

Example: Bitz Exteriors, Twin City Heating and Air

3) Inventors, New Businesses & Orgs

Example: Pro Products

Training Wheel Product. Meet for 3 months, 2x month; work 1 day/week.

Training Wheel Example: Extra Mile Construction

4) E-Commerce sites with 1-1000 SKUs

5) B-B seeking local customers

Examples: OEB, AV For You, Cady BT